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Welcome to the 2021 Beat Saber World Cup hosted by Cube Community! This is our second annual Beat Saber World Cup. This is a team tournament, with each country forming their own teams. This tournament is organised and run by these people BSWC Staff

Tournament Schedule

Phase Date/Time
Registration 2021-04-17
Qualifier Maps Revealed 2021-05-29
Roster Lock-in 2021-06-10 6PM UTC
Roster Reveal Video Premier 2021-06-12 2PM UTC
Qualifiers Begin 2021-06-12 2PM UTC
Qualifiers End 2021-06-26 2PM UTC
Round of 16 2021-07-02 to 2021-07-04
Quarterfinals + LR1 2021-07-09 to 2021-07-11
Semifinals + LR2 + LR3 2021-07-16 to 2021-07-18
Finals + LR4 + LR5 2021-07-23 to 2021-07-25
Losers Finals 2021-07-30 to 2021-07-31
Grand Finals 2021-07-31 / 2021-08-01


Placement Prize
1st 1st place Scoresaber Badge + 50% of total prize pool
2nd 2nd place Scoresaber Badge + 30% of total prize pool
3rd 3rd place Scoresaber Badge + 20% of total prize pool

Cash prizes will be given from a donation based prize pool.

All players and team captains will receive a badge if their team places in the top three.

All players on the top three teams will receive an even split of their placement's prize pool. If the players would like to split the money any other way, there will need to be a 100% agreement on how to split it. This will be discussed at the time of payouts.


Position Member(s)
Admin Amanatsu, Koalafied Operator, Kosmos, Spiza
Staff AFriendlyPug, Charlie, Dani☆, Gregi, JiveOff, Miller, moon, Samiii, Stenis, williums
Design AFriendlyPug, Interz, JiveOff, Miller, Stenis
Coders Charlie, Drakonno, JiveOff, moon
Caster Bantalope, Jaack, Brylanbbab, Kosmos, LSToast, Magician, Mystikmol, RFCaps, TiltedTeaPot, Wolven
Coordinator Gregi, Samiii, !SKA, Aso, Dawn, Lucy, Raven | 雪 | ArticSkye, RFCaps, ShadowPixel, teknoz
Map Pooler Koalafied Operator, abcdadq, Jaack, Brylanbbab, FatBeanzoop, fraies, RFCaps, shan_man


Registration and Qualfiers Rules

  1. You cannot play in this tournament if:
    • You are on PSVR
    • You are on Quest without a link cable
    • You are banned from submitting scores to ScoreSaber
  2. Every player must register with the bot in #country-registration in the discord.
  3. There may only be one team per country.
  4. Team Captains will be chosen by their country by whichever method they deem fit.
  5. Once a Team Captain has been chosen for your country, they will need to register in #captain-registration in the discord.
  6. Team Captains will be responsible for submitting their rosters on the website by the roster lock-in date.
  7. Once the rosters are locked in, they cannot be changed.
  8. Once rosters are locked in, all registered teams will have their full rosters posted to the website after the roster reveal video has premiered.
  9. After qualifiers have finished, the top 16 teams will move to the Round of 16 bracket phase.

General Rules

  1. Beat Saber World Cup is a team tournament where players from/in the same country will compete against each other in 4v4 best of 7/9/11 matches.
  2. All players will play in Tournament Assistant, and scores will be taken from the in-game scoring system.
  3. The winner will be decided by which team has the highest combined total score.
  4. All matches will take place on the weekend (Friday Night, Saturday, Sunday. Subject to change in extenuating circumstances.) This is to ensure that all matches can be streamed.
  5. Match scheduling will be decided by cooperation between the Team Captains as well as the Tournament Staff.
    • While any time is fine during the weekend, the ideal situation is for all matches in a specific weekend to take place as close to each other as possible.
    • Once both teams agree on a time, they will contact Amanatsu at least 48 hours prior to their agreed match time.
    • nce a match time has been agreed upon by both teams and the staff, any changes must also be submitted 24 hours before the originally scheduled date and time.
    • Rescheduled matches, again, need to be agreed upon by all parties.
  6. The following mods/plugins are banned from use in the tournament. If you use one of them, your entire team will receive a map loss. You will then have to use a sub in their place, remove the mods/plugins, and then that player(s) can return to play the following song.
    • Intro/Outro Skip
    • Note Slice Visualizer
    • Song Chart Visualizer
    • Any mod/plugin that affects scoring ability
    • Any mod/plugin that disables score submission
  7. All games in the bracket stage must be streamed to Twitch. In special cases if Twitch is not allowed in your country we will allow streaming to other services (ie. China and BiliBili)
    • Streams may not have obstructive overlays due to the stream sync technology that we're using.
    • In the same vein, streams must all be in first person view. Unfortunately we will not be allowing third person or avatar use at this time.
    • Please keep your stream FOV and other camera settings within relative acceptable standards. If you are unsure if what you have is considered "acceptable" then please ask a staff member.
  8. If a map ends in a tie, the map will be replayed.
  9. If a player disconnects or otherwise loses connection to the lobby, loses power, etc. the map will be played as normal and the player who disconnected must decide to use a replay or take the map loss.
  10. Maps can only be chosen once, either through ban or pick.
  11. There will be a 15 minute grace period for players to arrive if their team has less than the required amount of players to play a match (4).
    • If you have 4 players, you must begin the match regardless of who those players are (planned starters, subs, etc.)
    • If you cannot field a team of at least 4 players before the 15 minute grace period has ended, your team will forfeit and receive a loss.
  12. If a player disconnects, loses power, or any other event which causes the team to dip below the minimum required amount of players, an additional 15 minute grace period will be granted in order to allow the player to reconnect. If this continues to happens repeatedly, the match can be called at the discretion of the coordinator.
  13. Substituting players is allowed on a per-map basis. Any player may be substituted freely between maps. If a map needs to be replayed for some reason, including but not limited to: general replay, tie, etc. then the same players must play in the replay. If the same roster is not available for some reason (injury, disconnect, player has to leave, etc.) then that team will receive a map loss.
  14. Penalities can be issued at the discretion of the coordinator for players or teams who cause consistent excessive delays.
  15. Teams will be allowed one warmup song each, not to exceed 5 minutes per song. If neither team wishes to participate in these warmups, or wants to skip them, they are free to.
  16. Each team will be allowed 1 total replay per match. The Team Captain is the only member who can call a replay. Players may discuss these decisions with their Team Captains.
  17. Unplanned situations which require additional rules to be considered or created on the fly are subject to handling by the Tournament Staff and your Coordinator. Their rules are to be followed without question.
  18. If the tournament staff or your coordinator has made a decision on a ruling, it is final. We will not overturn final rulings.
  19. All Tournament Staff, including but not limited to, Staff, Coordinators, Casters, Map Poolers, etc. are all to be treated with respect. These people are putting in their own time for your benefit. Everybody is open to criticism, but nobody is open to disrespect.