Campaign Description

Once known as the Beat Saber Pro Discord, some community veterans have put together a Boomer Campaign to reminisce the glory of 2018 Beat Saber! It features classic ppv1 maps, forces old debris, and uses the old scoring system!

This is not a campaign everyone will enjoy. You will suffer the same way the legends of old did.


The Boomer Campaign has a dedicated discord where you can ask questions, find information, interact with people and most importantly the Boomer Role can be redeemed if you beat the campaign.

Join the campaign


Before downloading the campaign please read the section below!

To play the campaign, first make sure you have Custom Campaigns mod installed. The best way to do this is by using the Beat Saber ModAssistant, which if you don't already have go ahead and get it here.

Secondly, download and install the BoomerSaber mod. This mod will ensure that players are having the most authentic and realistic experience possible!. Extract the .dll from the zip and put it in the Plugins folder inside the Beat Saber directory.

Boomer Saber Download

Lastly, use the download link below to get the campaign .zip file, then extract the folder inside .zip to the CustomCampaigns folder located in your Beat Saber directory.

If the CustomCampaigns folder doesn't exist yet, either create the folder or run the game with mod installed and the folder with be auto generated. Campaign Download

Campaign Info

As mentioned above the campaign features ppv1 maps, this means you will find the best mapped songs ever (definitely no sarcasm), because of this there are no map challenges in the campaign, simply passing the maps will be enough of a challenge.

The deeper the campaign gets the harder maps there will be. Not all maps have to be completed however to clear the campaign!


After completing the campaign, the Boomer role can be redeemed by posting a picture of the campaigns completion in the #screenshots-proof-for-role channel on the Discord.

There is no time limit set on redeeming the Boomer role, so take your time and try to enjoy the ride ;)